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Problems of weight loss

Problems of weight loss

The biggest problem is weight loss - this is the difficulty in achieving such a desired result. Unfortunately, despite the many methods of struggle against excess weight, get rid of obesity is not easy, despite all the efforts being made.

The problems begin with the weight loss the most common ways to fight obesity, which everyone knows - low-fat diet feeding. First of all, I must say that it should only be used in conjunction with other corrective measures, otherwise it will be difficult to achieve not only lose weight but keep the weight result in a fairly long time.

The fact that a diet - it's still an unnatural way of eating, which causes the majority feeling of psychological discomfort and even depression, and physically, due to the prolonged lack of essential nutrients, appears diminished work capacity, vitamin deficiency, high morbidity due to weakening of the protective forces of the body, constipation, chilliness, due to low levels of thermogenesis. As a result, hunger is reinforced, leading to disruptions in the diet and food intake even more. And as in any extreme conditions, which include diet, the body switches to survival mode and maximum conservation of energy, which manifests the transition to a low level of metabolism, resulting in the body begins to save more fat as an energy reserve for emergencies.

This explains the decrease in the rate of weight loss with increasing time following a low calorie diet and rapid weight gain after the body returns to a normal diet. Often, especially due to the repeated and ineffective use of low-calorie diets, disturbed regulation of metabolic processes of the body. Changes of the pancreas - it starts to produce excess insulin, which leads to hyperinsulinism. Against this background, if glucose is not used to perform the work, produced a greater amount of fat. Thus, pancreatic dysfunction also triggers obesity.

Problems not solved the weight loss and drug therapy, which initially was assigned so much hope. Number of drugs is only growing and promises fast and painless weight loss for any number of pounds. However, many currently used drugs (particularly dubious origin), most of them give a lot of side effects. They have a stimulating effect on the central nervous system, stimulate the sympathetic nervous system. Although they reduce appetite, increase concentration and improve performance, their side effects will give rise to feelings of fear, anxiety, and irritability.

In some cases, drugs lead to psychotic manifestations, high blood pressure, strengthen and heart palpitations. Unfortunately, they often stop taking their lead to weight gain. Especially wary of doctors to the use of hormones that increase metabolic rate and thus facilitate the transition of food calories and calories of its own fat for energy. However, their use also leads to a significant loss of muscle tissue, aggravates heart problems and negatively affect the normal function of endocrine glands.

The same is true of diuretics and laxatives, which also lead to weight loss, but by the loss in the first place the body of water, and no decrease in the number of adipose tissue. Patients taking a laxative to prevent absorption of nutrients can disrupt the normal processes of absorption in the intestine. Regular use of these drugs leads to the water and electrolyte imbalance in the body.

Chelators are designed to absorb fat in the intestine and thus reduce the energy value of food. They really help to lose weight, but fat from the body and leave the essential substance, it is necessary for normal balanced diet: polyunsaturated fatty acids, fat-soluble vitamins A, D, E, phospholipids and sterols. In the low-calorie diet, more or less justified only by the use of drugs that contain ballast and swelling substances that contribute to the oppression of hunger, giving a feeling of satiety, regulating the chair.

Often, problems with weight loss due to the fact that the person suffers from a disease which he does not know why and did not understand the reason for his obesity, trying to cope with their own efforts, which, naturally, are ineffective. For example, it can be a very common problem with the thyroid gland. If it does not intense, it does not produce enough hormones, which are responsible for metabolism. As a result, it slows down and begins to gain weight, even if you watch your diet. Other symptoms of thyroid hypoactivity - dry, pale skin, hair loss, muscle aches and joint pain, memory loss, constant fatigue and feeling holoda.V this and many other cases can only help the doctor's consultation, which will conduct research and appropriate treatment.

Some medications can cause weight gain. Most often this effect have steroids that prescribed for rheumatoid arthritis and some other diseases. Steroids in the first place, stimulate appetite, and secondly, affect the deposition of fat - especially on the face, shoulders and abdomen. A similar effect has some anti-depressants and sedatives. If the purchase of excess weight is associated with this cause, you can try to find an alternative method of treatment, or wait until the medication, after which it will be possible to lose weight.

But the most common problems of weight loss associated with the inexorable influence of their own genes. Because of them, some people gain weight faster and harder to get rid of him, because genes determine how the body processes food and regulate appetite. That's why somebody to saturate need more food, and someone - less. In addition, genes determine how humans store fat. But here you can try to change the situation, using all recreational activities, known today for weight loss.

First of all, choose the food with low fat content. Increase your intake of protein and reduce carbohydrates. Protein foods gives a feeling of fullness longer. However, just abandon the carbohydrates also can not: they contain nutrients that are required by the body. Give up alcohol.

First, alcoholic beverages high in calories. Secondly, they provoke the feeling of hunger. And, thirdly, the influence of alcohol you lose your willpower and most likely will have unlimited quantities of what is usually self limiting. Be sure to go in for sports - the best alternate aerobic exercise with strength training. This will help you burn calories and increase muscle mass and more muscle, the more calories burned.

As you can see many problems with weight loss can be solved if they know exactly the reasons that too much. So take the time and effort to study your particular case, and you will have a chance to return health and normal weight.

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