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Vulvitis Treatment

Vulvitis Treatment

Vulvitis in the reproductive age is usually a secondary disease develops when infected with external genital pathogens contained in the vaginal discharge of as obesity, cervicitis (endotservitsitah), endometritis. Often the process takes on the character of vulvovaginitis. Vulvitis in prepubertal children and often is the primary pathology, and only then passes the infection to the vagina with the occurrence of vulvovaginitis. Promote the development of vulvitis and vulvovaginitis in childhood chronic inflammatory disease, leading to a decrease in nonspecific resistance (pyelonephritis, tonsillitis, rheumatic fever), and endocrine pathology (diabetes, obesity).

Clinic Vulvitis

Clinically vulvitis is characterized by complaints of pain, burning, intense itching of the vulva in children is often violated, and the general state, sleep. On examination, determined by the swelling and redness of the vulva (often in severe cases - large and small labia majora), which is covered with serous-purulent discharge, or purulent raids. In the chronic stage of these phenomena subside, often patients complain of only intermittent pruritus, however, subsided after the aggravation reappears.

Treatment for Vulvitis

Treatment for vulvitis is to eliminate its causes (chronic therapy of extragenital and genital diseases, correction of immune status), and local anti-inflammatory therapy. In some cases, children justified the use of antibiotics, but it is better to assign them locally - in the form of lubrication antibacterial ointments, creams. Use sitting baths with decoction of chamomile, calendula, succession, eucalyptus. Children will appoint desensitizing therapy (antihistamines, calcium).

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