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Uterine fibroids - hirudotherapy

Uterine fibroids - hirudotherapy

Leeches in the treatment of uterine fibroids

Leeches (leeches medical treatment) - a long-known method that is used in the treatment of various diseases, including uterine fibroids. When this disease is only secondary, but important factor. Today hirudotherapy is unique and is widely used around the world.

The purpose of hirudotherapy

The essence of this method of treatment is to act on the body piyavochnogo secretions containing enzymes and biologically active substances of natural origin. They stimulate microcirculation, improve the saturation of body tissues with nutrients and oxygen and regulate the process of thrombus formation. Once in the blood of man, the components of the saliva of leeches have anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects, as well as contribute to enhancing and strengthening the immune system. Hirudin has antitumor activity and potentiates the effect of other similar treatments.

Leeches for hirudotherapy

Hirudotherapy promotes alignment of the hormonal balance in the female body, it is necessary to deal with existing uterine fibroids with giperestrogenemiey. The method helps to eliminate stagnation in the veins of the pelvis, being a measure for preventing the development of varicose (frequent and dangerous complication of uterine fibroids).

Contraindications to hirudotherapy

Contraindicated in patients with hemophilia hirudotherapy, malignant neoplasms, with persistent hypotension, severe anemia, bleeding diathesis, individual intolerance. It may not be holding pregnant women.

The methodology of hirudotherapy

Leech bites are defined precisely, such as the choice of the zone of influence for acupuncture. By mechanical stimulation activates specific reflexogenic point corresponding to a particular organ in the human body, in this case, a woman's reproductive system.

Growing leeches

The procedure is not accompanied by pain, because when you attach a leech to the body once injected into his blood analgesic substances contained in its saliva. During the session, the process of infection is eliminated, the medical leeches used for hirudotherapy, are grown in special biological factories, which are subject to strict quarantine and receive a certificate of conformity. Each leech once used for a procedure to raise from 3 to 10 pieces, and then destroy.

Discharge from the bite last from 6 to 24 hours. You should not stop the blood from the wound, because the loss is insignificant and it is mainly due to the lymph, which helps stimulate the loss of immunity and the elimination of edema.


The procedure takes about an hour, the number of sessions - 2-3 per week, duration of treatment is determined strictly individual.

This method can be used only on prescription in the complex therapy of uterine fibroids, as an adjunct to medical or surgical treatment.

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