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Uterine fibroids - complications

Uterine fibroids - complications. Possible complications of uterine myoma

It is difficult to predict the development of complications of uterine fibroids. However, to reduce the risk of some of them with timely treatment the doctor is quite possible.

Some fibroids, in its structure have the body and leg, which in subserous tumors can be localized twisted and off, this is manifested severe pain with the development of a picture of acute abdomen. Torsion develops gradually or suddenly. This is due to the sharp physical exertion, or during rapid stepping out of the pelvic tumor in a large (during or after childbirth).


With eating disorders, she began her fibroid necrosis, accompanied by severe pain. The irregular availability of blood to the myoma node, it defines the various structural changes, the type of limestone inclusions (up to complete calcification) or cysts with gelatinous contents.

When submucous location of the tumor site, and probably the birth of onkogenetichesy inversion of the uterus. Sometimes the tumor is localized in the neck and can droop into the vagina, while its surface is often eroziruetsya, covered with a touch of fibrin, and sometimes bleeds.

In this disease anemia due to menstrual irregularities lasting heavy bleeding arising in a submucosal location of the site. This complication appears fatigue, pale skin and mucous membranes, general weakness, shortness of breath on exertion, dizziness, flashing "flies" in front of the eyes, tinnitus. To confirm the anemia prescribe blood tests, determine the level of hematocrit, serum iron.

Fibroids can cause ectopic (tubal) pregnancy, spontaneous abortion, infertility, premature births.

Large tumor, which put pressure on the urethra, causing its narrowing, impaired urodynamics. This initiates a kidney disease that are not always accompanied by the early clinical manifestations. Sometimes severe negative effects on the kidney tumor is detected after a few years on the basis of symptoms such as anemia, hypertension, itchy skin, swelling.

Fibroids can cause ectopic pregnancy

The inflammatory process in the myoma tissue development threatens parametritis, limited or diffuse peritonitis, and in severe cases, the emergence of a septic process.

Ozlokachestvlyayutsya fibroids is rare (1.5-3.0% of cases), and the most susceptible to malignant submucous, at least - subserous nodes.

Regular visits to the gynecologist, ultrasound of the pelvic organs and a number of other studies can take timely and appropriate steps to fix the most minor changes in this pathology.

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