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Treatment of asthma in pregnant women

Treatment of asthma in pregnant women

In the treatment of asthma during pregnancy should be borne in mind that all used for this purpose, drugs cross the placenta and can harm the fetus, and because the fruit is often in a state of hypoxia (oxygen starvation), should be given a minimum amount of medication.

If the course of asthma during pregnancy does not worsen, the need for drug therapy does not.

In mild exacerbation of the disease can restrict mustard plasters, banks, and inhalation of saline.

However, it should be borne in mind that heavy and ill-treatment of asthma is much more dangerous for the fetus than the medication used to treat it. But in all cases, pregnant, suffering from bronchial asthma medications should be used only on prescription.

The main treatment of bronchial asthma include widening (sympathomimetics, xanthine derivatives) and anti inflammatory (INTAL and glucocorticoids) funds.

The most widely used drugs in the group of sympathomimetics. These include izadrin, Euspiran, Novodrin. Their side effect is heart palpitations. It is better to use the so-called selective sympathomimetics, they cause relaxation of bronchial tubes, but it is not accompanied by a heartbeat. It's drugs such as salbutamol, brikanil, salmeterol, berotek, alupent (astmopent).

When inhaled sympathomimetic use are faster and stronger, so when you make a fit of suffocation from inhaling 1.2 inhaler. But these drugs can be used as a prophylactic agents.

Sympathomimetics also applies to adrenaline. His injection is able to quickly eliminate the choking, but it may cause spasm of peripheral vessels at the woman and fetus affect utero-placental blood flow. Ephedrine is not contraindicated during pregnancy, but it is ineffective.

It is interesting that sympathomimetics are widely used in obstetrics for the treatment of miscarriage. An additional beneficial effect of these drugs is to prevent distress syndrome - respiratory disorders in newborns.

Methylxanthines - the most preferred treatment for asthma during pregnancy. Aminophylline for severe attacks of asthma is administered intravenously. As a preventive measure applied aminophylline tablets. In recent times more common longer-acting xanthines - theophylline derivatives, such as teopek. Theophylline preparations are beneficial to the body of a pregnant woman. They improve utero-placental circulation and may be used to prevent distress syndrome in newborns. These drugs increase the renal and coronary blood flow, reducing pressure in the pulmonary artery. Intal is applied after 3 months of pregnancy with non-infectious form of allergic disease. In severe disease, and asthmatic status of this drug is not administered. Intal is only used for the prevention of bronchospasm, but not fully developed for the treatment of asthma attacks, as this may lead to increased asthma. Take INTAL by inhalation. Among pregnant women are more often sick with severe asthma who had to receive hormone therapy. They usually have a negative attitude to the acceptance of glucocorticoid hormones. However, during pregnancy, the risk associated with the introduction of glucocorticoids, is less than the risk of hypoxemia - lack of oxygen in the blood, from which very severely affected fetus. Treatment with prednisolone should be always under the supervision of a physician who sets the initial dose that is sufficient to in the short term (1-2 days) to eliminate the aggravation of asthma, and then assigns a lower maintenance dose. In the last two days of treatment was added to the tablets of prednisolone inhalation bekotida (beklamida) - glucocorticoid, has a local effect on the respiratory tract. This drug is harmless. He has developed not stop choking, and serves as a preventive measure. Inhaled glucocorticoids are currently the most effective anti-inflammatory drugs for the treatment and prevention of asthma. In exacerbations of asthma, without waiting for severe attacks, the dose of glucocorticoids should be increased. Applied dose to the fetus are not dangerous. Anticholinergics - tools that reduce the narrowing of the bronchi. Atropine administered subcutaneously in a fit of choking. Platifillin prophylactically administered in powders or stop an attack of bronchial asthma - subcutaneously. Atrovent - a derivative of atropine, but with a less pronounced effect on other organs (heart, eye, intestine, salivary gland), associated with what his best portability. Berodual contains atrovent and berotek, mentioned above. It is used for the suppression of acute attacks of breathlessness and for the treatment of chronic bronchial asthma. Well-known antispasmodics papaverine and no-spa have a mild bronchodilator effect and can be used to suppress lung attacks of breathlessness. When an infectious-allergic bronchial asthma should be encouraged removal of phlegm from the bronchial tubes. Regular classes are important breathing exercises, WC nasal and oral mucosa.

Expectorants are used as a thinning mucus and facilitate removal of the contents of the bronchi, they moisturize the mucous membranes, stimulate coughing. For this purpose include: inhalation of water (tap water or sea water), saline solution, a solution of soda, heated to 37 ° C and bromhexine (bisolvon) mukosolvin (by inhalation), Ambroxol, a 3% solution of potassium iodide and Solutan ( containing iodine) to pregnant contraindicated.

Expectorant medicine can be applied to the root alteynogo, terpin hydrate in tablets.

Good to drink drug charges (unless you have intolerance to the components of the collection), for example, rosemary herb (200 g), marjoram (100 g), nettle leaves (50 g), birch buds (50 g). They need to chop, mix. 2 tablespoons collection pour 500 ml boiling water, boil for 10 min., Then press 30 minutes. Drink 1/2 cup 3 times a day.

Another recipe collection: plantain leaves (200 g), leaves St. John's wort (200 g), linden flowers (200 g) chop and mix. 2 tablespoons collection pour 500 ml boiling water, leave for 5-6 hours Drink 1/2 cup 3 times daily before meals in the form of heat.

Antihistamines (diphenhydramine, Pipolphenum, suprastin, etc.) are shown only in mild forms of infectious-allergic asthma, with infectious-allergic form of asthma, they are harmful, because contribute to the thickening of the bronchial secretion glands.

In the
treatment of asthma in pregnant women can use natural methods, physiotherapy, a complex of gymnastic exercises, facilitates expectoration, swimming, inductothermy (heating) of the adrenal glands, acupuncture.

During labor, treatment of bronchial asthma does not stop. Woman to give humidified oxygen, medication continues.

Treatment of status asthmaticus should be made mandatory in-patient in an intensive care unit and intensive care.

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