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Treatment of anal fissure

Treatment of anal fissure

Most anal fissures heal after conservative treatment for 4 - 6 weeks. Pain during bowel movements usually goes within a few days.

Treatment for anal fissures first is to remove the pain and spasm of the anal sphincter, and in addition, the normalization of the chair and the healing of the most anal fissures.

Treatment of anal fissure may be either conservative or operative. Moreover, the surgical treatment of this disease is carried out in case of a chronic course and its lack of effect of conservative measures.

Conservative treatment of anal fissure is to eliminate the inflammation in the anal area, anal sphincter spasm, improving the functioning of the intestines and prevent constipation, as well as the application of the healing agent. The effectiveness of conservative interventions for anal fissure is 70%.

So, what is used in the conservative treatment of anal fissure:

Warm hip baths for 15-20 minutes 2 - 3 times a day. This typically applies a weak solution of potassium permanganate.

Laxatives. The cause of anal fissure, as well as its "replenishment" is the wall of the anal canal trauma during the passage through it of solid stool. Therefore, treatment of constipation is very important for an anal fissure.

Nitroglycerine ointment 0.2%. Currently, this tool is an important component of the conservative treatment of anal fissures. The fact that nitroglycerin relaxes the muscles of the anal sphincter, and thereby removes its spasm. A spasm of the anal sphincter, as is known, is one of the pathogenetic factors of the crack, since it leads to ischemia, ie, disruption of blood flow. If you are using nitroglycerin ointment should be applied a small amount of it, because in large doses, it can be absorbed into the systemic circulation and cause headaches and dizziness. For this reason, after applying the ointment should wash their hands.

Calcium channel blockers. It's drugs such as diltiazem or nifedepin, etc. Typically, these drugs are used in the treatment of heart disease, but recently have found application in the treatment of anal fissure. Their operating principle is the same as that of nitroglycerin ointment, ie spasm of anal sphincter.

Botox. It would seem, what does this means plastic and cosmetic surgery for anal fissure? And this is what the previous cardiac medications. Botox - a botulinum toxin treated specially. The principle of its action is that it interrupts nerve impulses and then to the muscle, in the place where he was introduced. Similarly, when introduced in the anal sphincter is to relax and eliminate spasm. The effect of Botox lasts up to three months. In the application of Botox can be observed, and side effects such as light incontinence stool or gas.

When expressed pain used pain relievers, and the best of their local application, for example, candles with novocaine, anestezin. Can be applied to conventional analgesics, such as analgin, well, and in severe cases - and drugs (promedol). Once again, we note that the occurrence of pain and spasm affects the anal sphincter, so that the use of funds to remedy it also makes sense, along with pain medications.

To speed up the healing of fractures may be used such drugs as metiluartsil, sea buckthorn oil, again, in the form of suppositories, or ointments.

Conservative treatment of anal fissure is important to combine with the strict implementation of all recommendations of the patient's physician regarding proper diet, personal hygiene, exercise and lifestyle.

When failure of conservative treatment of acute anal fissure or when it is passed into chronic (with the development of "watchdog" tubercles) is performed surgical treatment - excision of anal fissure.

The operation of excision of anal fissures can be performed under anesthesia locations, Noah, and under general. The essence of the surgical excision is reduced to a complete fracture of the underlying tissues, leaving only to healthy tissue. In addition, to eliminate the spasm of the anal sphincter performed a partial cut. This is important because the presence of spasm surgery moeet be unsuccessful. After excision of anal fissure formed a fresh wound, which is already in the absence of spasm of the sphincter, great heals itself.

Choice of treatment in each case is carried out after the doctor as he examined the patient and depends on its condition and the disease.

Proper nutrition for anal fissure

There will be no more than reiterate that the diet - a very important factor in the therapeutic treatment of many proctologic diseases such as hemorrhoids or anal fissure. At the same time, the diet should be such as to prevent the occurrence of constipation. The diet should stimulate the bowels and prevent hardening of the stool, which may injure the wall of the anal canal.

Diet for anal fissure should include dairy products, fruits and vegetables, as well as the exclusion of acute and salty foods and spices, seasonings annoying, and alcohol (including beer!).

Very good use of boiled beets. It can be eaten in its pure form, and grated and seasoned with vegetable oil or sour cream. Very useful for the regulation of intestinal prunes, dried apricots, dried apricots and figs. They are usually washed, and then pour boiling water and drink after swelling for 10 pieces of 2 - 3 times a day. Such a diet is an excellent prevention of constipation and provides a soft stool.

If constipation is also useful to apply petroleum jelly and 1 - 2 tablespoons, plus 2 - 3 times a day. This diet is particularly useful after healing of anal fissures, as well as after surgical treatment for the prevention of new injuries of the mucous membrane at the site of the former before the crack.

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