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Therapeutic treatment of trigeminal neuralgia

Therapeutic treatment of trigeminal neuralgia

For many years, treatment of trigeminal neuralgia has been unsuccessful due to lack of understanding of its causes. To date, there are several effective treatments for this disease.

Drug treatment:

Carbamazepine - anticonvulsant drug, the most popular drug of all, used with the chamber. The drug is effective in the early stages in most patients. Therefore, if the patient is not indicated for the treatment of pain relief with carbamazepine, the physician may even question the diagnosis of trigeminal neuralgia. However, over time the effectiveness of carbamazepine is reduced. Possible side effects may be to drowsiness, double vision eyes, dizziness and nausea.

Baclofen - muscle relaxant that is drug, relaxing the muscles. Its effectiveness increases with a joint appointment with anticonvulsants. Its side effects may be a change of consciousness, depressiiyu and drowsiness.

Phenytoin - another anticonvulsant drug, one of the first, which became effective in neuralgia.

Oxcarbazepine - a new anticonvulsant drug used to treat trigeminal neuralgia.

In the treatment, and anticonvulsants is failing. Over time, their effectiveness is reduced, which requires to increase their dose. However, this leads to an increase in side effects. In addition, some drugs have toxicity.

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