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The manifestations of menopause

The manifestations of menopause

The manifestations of menopause every woman can be different. Someone this period of life is manifested not so pronounced. Others may be seen as virtually all the symptoms. When you have started menopause, you have to be ready for its manifestations: hot flashes, weight gain, vaginal dryness, mood change, lack of energy, as well as changes of the skin and hair. Subsequently, the effects of menopause can occur from the bone in the form of osteoporosis and cardio-vascular system.

Under normal circumstances, when the climax is the result of the natural aging process, the woman gradually, without noticing it, adapt it to its manifestations. In case if the menopause is the result of outside influence: chemotherapy, hormonal therapy, or simply remove the ovaries, its manifestations can be so severe that usually need help.

There are different methods to cope with the manifestations of menopause. Note that, ideally, it is best to start with the easiest and safest ways to gradually resorting to a more efficient and powerful, if necessary. An excellent method to cope with the manifestations of menopause is to increase physical activity. Engage in aerobic exercise, follow a daily exercise that will not bore you. This helps to strengthen the skeletal system, establish the work of the heart and blood vessels, improve sleep, reduce hot flashes, improves mood and gives energy.

Usually, at a time when a woman does not breast cancer, to eliminate the marked symptoms of menopause, doctors prescribe to patients automatically hormones estrogen. Similarly, you should "automatically" to point to the fact that you have had breast cancer and can not take estrogen (if you forget, remember - estrogen stimulates the growth of tumor cells in breast cancer).

Natural menopause does not appear depressed. This process is expected, it occurs gradually and often not as pronounced, in contrast to the climax, which was the cause of breast cancer treatment.

Treatment of breast cancer puts a woman on the state of mind of its mark. And this is natural, because the diagnosis of cancer - it is stressful for anyone, even the strongest spirit of man. But except for the diagnosis, the word "cancer" on the woman's mood state of mind influenced by other factors: a long and very tedious process of treatment, is associated with a variety of unpleasant moments in the form of side-effects, hormonal changes, which undergoes a patient during the treatment process, negative life experiences, aging, and others.

It is therefore essential to find the strength to overcome all these gravity, putting on your shoulders. It is much easier to move it if you have someone you can share, who can help and understand you. Psychological support - a powerful factor in the treatment of cancer.

However, when you already had the main stage of treatment - surgery, chemotherapy and hormone treatment, the process of menopause can have the same negative effect on you as the healing process. Many of the sudden unexpected manifestations of menopause may have a depressive effect on the patient, causing fatigue.

In this case, the need psychotherapy. If you are not able to overcome stress, consult an experienced psychologist.

Problems with memory

Some patients with onset of menopause mark some memory impairment. However, just to say that low levels of estrogen in the blood affects the state of memory in women or is it due to the natural aging process is impossible. Various studies indicate that estrogen is only a minor effect on the mental abilities of patients. Other studies have confirmed that estrogen can lower the risk of developing Alzheimer's disease. In women receiving estrogen therapy indicated a slow development of this disease.

The studies that compared patients treated with tamoxifen (estrogen receptor blocker), and patients receiving placebo ("blank" preparation) showed that differences in memory and other mental abilities between them were noted.

However, it is worth noting that the state of mental abilities (including memory) may affect other factors of menopause - fatigue, depression and anxiety.

 The state memory is also affected by chemotherapy. Radiation therapy, if it was sent to the area of tumor metastasis in the brain, the same effect on his work.

Vaginal dryness

To date, the market in specialty stores and drug stores are selling special tools, lubricants wall of the vagina and labia, which facilitate and even enhance sexual intercourse - lubricants.

With a significant decrease in estrogen levels after menopause vaginal mucosa becomes thinner, it loses its elasticity and reduces the production of vaginal mucus. This leads to the fact that sexual relations become unpleasant and even painful. The pain associated with irritation of the vulva (labia majora).

Fungal infection

The use of antibiotics, chemotherapy, hormonal drugs and steroids may cause fungal yeast infection, which is the causative agent of Candida albicans. This is due to violation of the immune defense of the vagina and the violation of the hormonal levels. Yeast infection is manifested by pain, irritation and inflammation of the vaginal mucosa, which appear on the wall erosion. At the same time marked cheesy discharge (thrush), accompanied by an unpleasant odor. In patients with diabetes is a complication occurs more frequently. For accurate diagnosis of a yeast infection the doctor analyzes the vaginal smear.

For the treatment used antifungals such as Flucostat, Diflucan, and others. We do not recommend themselves to take these medications without first consulting a physician.

Vaginal discharge

Vaginal discharge can also be a manifestation of menopause. 80% of patients taking tamoxifen, does not mark the vaginal symptoms. At the same time the remaining 10% of patients noted vaginal dryness, and the other 10% - vaginal discharge.

Vaginal estrogen preparations

If the above measures and medications do not help in eliminating discomfort in the vagina, the doctor may prescribe estrogen drugs used directly in the vagina. Among these drugs, such as ovestin, estring and many others. They come in the form of creams, and in the form of suppositories (suppositories). Local application of estrogen helps to normalize the vaginal mucosa and restore thickness of the layer and humidity. It is not recommended to use these medications on their own.

Changes in weight

After menopause, many women say that they have increased the weight. This is due to the fact that the aging is slowing down metabolism, and reduced physical activity. Often, however, despite this, the caloric intake remains the same. This leads to excess body fat

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