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Surgical weight loss in children

Surgical weight loss in children

Possibilities of surgical weight loss for children ... for many parents sound a bit scary, because we have not yet used to the obesity of children - this is a big problem that is becoming more serious year by year. For us, nice plump children - it is joy to the hearts and eyes, but those same American parents are increasingly faced with the fact that their child suffers from numerous illnesses, obesity when reaching the III degree.

It is at this stage, it is reasonable to talk about the possibilities of surgical weight loss for children, as in this case, the excess weight is a major threat to health than the potential risk of surgery. And overseas weight loss surgery, called bariatric, long time ago and have been successfully used for the correction of obesity in children and adolescents, when you can not achieve the effect of more traditional methods. This can be confirmed in a serious medical foreign literature.

Possibilities of surgical weight loss in children are almost the same as in adults. At the present day has developed several operations, the general purpose of which - to make people consume much less food than usual. Thus, from the outside, creating significant caloric deficit, which leads to what is beginning to be used for the life of the internal body fat stores.

Therefore, at least in adults, surgical treatment of obesity considered the most efficient and stable for long-term results by reducing the excess weight. Possibilities of surgical weight loss in children are based on proven international standards - is the imposition of controlled ring on the stomach and gastric bypass. In addition, for patients with little extra weight is used as effective non-surgical way to introduce balloon into the stomach.

But the current level of equipment allows even the most complex operation performed without cutting through cosmetic piercing under the control of the camcorder. So, the first surgical procedure, which is considered the most simple and less traumatic - setting an intragastric balloon. This intervention can be performed with any degree of excess weight, most showed a moderate obesity, but also used in excessive obesity as a preparatory stage for surgical treatment.

The essence of manipulation is that, under video control is put into the stomach tube, the lower end of which is using the system is connected to the nipple tightly packed in a container with silicone ball. With the introduction of a probe of saline, a container is broken, and crushes the ball, filling a significant portion of the stomach. Its volume ranges from 400 to 800 ml and is determined individually. But its validity is limited - the ball is set for up to 6 months. And then removed. During this time you can without compromising the health slowly lose those extra pounds 10-15, and acquire a good habit to consume less food than before.

Next efficient operation, which is held in very high degrees of obesity, the installation of the gastric band, is imposing in the bottom of the stomach - 2 cm below the esophageal-gastric junction, a silicone ring with an inner diameter of a variable, if needed, just as easily removed. This ring of the stomach is divided into 2 unequal parts in the form of an hourglass, the upper part of the volume is only about 20 cc Therefore, further saturation occurs at filling this volume, even a small amount of solid food.

Possibilities of surgical weight loss in children and are considering such a common surgical method of weight loss as gastric bypass surgery. It is to create a small reservoir at the top of the stomach that can accommodate only very slightly (up to 30 cu. Cm) of solid food. Next, using a special podshivaniya loops of small intestine, creating a bypass path that bypasses the food eaten most of the stomach and small intestine.

The result is a significant reduction in weight due to the reduction of food intake and an inability to fully absorption. It is because of the latter effect, many pediatricians are against this operation in children and adolescents, as in some cases, due to malabsorption of micronutrients, may develop different states associated with the deficiency of vitamins (especially B12), iron, calcium, particularly adversely impact on the growing organism.

Therefore, this operation is carried out usually at a very large and heavily over-weight when the risks of complications from diseases associated with obesity are much higher than the cumulative risks of surgery. But weight loss through surgery does not guarantee life-long solution. Only the transition to a more healthy lifestyle, nutrition and active sports, will help the child and an adult to stay slim and successful!

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