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Main » Cardiology » Stenosis of the tricuspid valve, Diagnosis, Treatment 
Stenosis of the tricuspid valve, Diagnosis, Treatment

Stenosis of the tricuspid valve, Diagnosis, Treatment

Tricuspid valve lies between the right atrium and right ventricle of the heart. It opens in diastole and after atrial-ventricular opening, limited by this valve, the diastolic phase of the venous blood from the right atrial free to come to the right ventricle. In systole the valve closes and prevents backflow of blood from the right ventricle into the right atrium. All the blood from the right ventricle at the same time enters into the pulmonary artery and then into the lungs.

Stenosis of the tricuspid valve is formed with rheumatic heart disease, other infectious diseases of the heart, syphilis. The valve formed scars, leaf valve are fused with each other or become inactive. These valves can not be fully disclosed in diastole and the contraction produced atrioventricular orifice. Narrowing of the entrance to the right ventricle makes it difficult and slows the emptying of the right atrium. The pressure in the atrium increases. Atrial muscle hypertrophy first, but soon takes place, and decompensation of the right atrium is stretched inside its cavity increases. Blood from the large veins pumped does not have time and there is congestion in the systemic circulation (edema, liver enlargement, ascites).

The patient complains of shortness of breath on exertion, fatigue, right upper quadrant pain, heaviness in the right upper quadrant (liver area). Later, there is swelling in the legs, abdomen increases in volume. On the neck can be seen pulsating veins.

Stenosis of the tricuspid valve - Diagnosis

If you are listening to diastolic murmur at the base of the sternum. Sometimes it might be bugged clicked open tricuspid valve. At retgenogramme found an increase in right atrial and superior vena cava shadow. On the electrocardiogram there are signs of increased right atrial and right ventricular mild increase. When echocardiography detected tricuspid valve seal flaps and narrowing of the right atrioventricular opening, a significant increase in the size of the right atrium.

Treatment of tricuspid stenosis.

At the same vice decompensation occurs quite rapidly. Therefore, detection of tricuspid valve stenosis is an indication for surgical treatment, especially if there are already signs of stagnation in the circulation. In most cases, is open tricuspid commissurotomy. In this case fused tricuspid valve rupture or dissected. Made of plastic and connective ring to attach the valve. Only if the damage to the valves rough and can not be corrected, made prosthetic tricuspid valve. But this is rare.

Mortality in plastic surgery at the tricuspid valve is 1.5-2%. Results of surgical treatment are good in 80% operated at less than 10 years.

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