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Ixempra - Chemotherapy in breast cancer

Ixempra - Chemotherapy in breast cancer

Mammology - Breast surgery 

When a tumor does not respond to any medication, talk about what has developed resistance to this drug. This means that tumor cells somehow learn to cope with chemotherapy. This happens when chemotherapy destroys not all cancer cells. These surviving cells gradually develop. Sometimes you may need a longer course of chemotherapy, or a higher dose. But sometimes require different treatment.

The FDA has approved new drug application Ixempra (Ixempra - iksabepilon) for the treatment of common forms of breast cancer when other chemotherapy drugs have no effect. In particular, this new drug is used in combination with Xeloda (capecitabine).

Ixempra belongs to a new group of drugs - epothilone. The principle of operation is similar to that of taxanes, which include Taxol and Taxotere. And iksemra and taxanes affect the process of division and multiplication of cancer cells. Researchers believe that iksempra can be effective in advanced breast cancer because it is more difficult to develop resistance.

Studies have shown that the drug was effective Ixempra in advanced breast cancer when standard chemotherapy did not give the desired effect. Compared with a single application Ixempra, the combination of Xeloda gave a more lasting effect. But so far it is not clear whether the use of the drug Ixempra improve survival in patients with advanced breast cancer.

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