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Gonorrhea in men, in women, in children, Prevention, Treatment

Gonorrhea in men, in women, in children, Prevention, Treatment

Gonorrhea - (Greek gonorrhoia - seminal emissions, equivalent to - gonorrhea, fracture), a sexually transmitted disease caused by gonococcus. Mainly affected the mucous membranes of urogenital organs. There are also lesions of the conjunctiva, nasopharynx, tonsil, at least - of the rectum. There are also severe systemic destruction of the joints, nervous, cardiovascular and respiratory systems, may develop gonococcal sepsis.

Gonorrhea is the most common bacterial infections: according to WHO annually in the world get sick at least 150-180 million people.

The causative agents of gonorrhea - gonorrhea. Outside the human body gonococci rapidly die as drying, under the influence of temperatures above 56 ° C, antiseptic agents, direct sunlight. The source of infection is a patient with gonorrhea. Adults who become infected are almost always sexually transmitted. Children - girls only - through infected washcloths, sponges, chamber pots, towels, diapers.

In recent years, among the sources of infection with gonorrhea has increased the proportion of people who treat themselves. After ploholechennoy gonorrhea may cause forms of gonococci resistant to penicillin and other antibiotics.

There are gonorrhea:
  • fresh
  • acute
  • subacute
  • torpid (with a prescription up to 2 months)
  • chronic (more than 2 months old and of unknown)
  • hidden (latent) gonorrhea.

When latent gonorrhea are encysted foci of inflammation with low pathogenic gonococci, gonococci at the opening of which come to the surface of the mucous membranes of the genital and cause an inflammation. From the moment of infection to the onset of clinical signs of the disease is 3 to 4 days. Sometimes, the incubation period is extended to 2 - 3 weeks or more. Longer incubation period helps to antibiotics or other sulfonamides on concomitant diseases or with self-medication.

Gonorrhea among men

The first signs of gonorrhea in women is the appearance of purulent discharge from the urethra during urination and rezey. At first, the inflammatory process affects only the mucosa of the anterior urethra (urethritis front), so it's important to see a doctor it is at this stage of the disease, which will ensure recovery in the short term. If treatment is not started, the gonococcus reaches the posterior urethra, causing inflammation of the mucous membrane of the total urethra. There are frequent urination, worse cramps at the end of urination is allocated a drop of blood. Many men gonorrhea from the beginning is only a minor inflammatory changes in the urethra (torpid gonorrhea). Discharge is very scanty, noticeable only after a night in a small muddy drops. In patients with acute gonorrhea in the absence of treatment the intensity of inflammatory processes in the channel is gradually reduced, and the process becomes chronic.

As fresh and chronic urethritis in men may be complicated by inflammation of the inner layer of the foreskin and the glans penis, inflammation of the paraurethral glands, moves and urethra. But the most serious complications are inflammation of the prostate (prostatitis), epididymis (epi-didymium), seminal vesicles (vesicles) and the development of narrowing of the urethra. These complications contribute to sexual arousal, the use of alcoholic beverages, beer, hypothermia, severe physical exertion. Gonorrheal epididymitis usually develop acutely, with fever, swelling and redness of the scrotum, severe pain in the affected testicle. The patient had difficulty walking. Two-way process often leads to infertility.

Gonorrheal prostatitis - the most common complication of gonorrhea in men. There are acute and chronic prostatitis. The latter is poorly treated and often cause impotence and infertility in marriage.

Gonorrhea in women

In contrast to the male gonorrhea among women in the first 2-3 weeks stale, low profile, almost asymptomatic. Only every sixth - seventh woman after 3-7 days after infection develop an acute inflammatory process in the lower urinary tract with low back pain, the severity of the abdomen, rezyami and burning during urination. Women gonorrheal process Multifocal: both affected the urethra, vestibule glands, cervix, and often, and rectum. There are gonorrhea of the lower genitourinary system, that is, an inflammation of the urethra, cervix, Bartholin glands and mucosa of the vagina, and the ascending gonorrhea, when the inflammation spreads to the uterus, fallopian tubes and appendages, pelvic peritoneum. The emergence of bottom-up process contribute to abortion, childbirth, menstruation.

Long-existing chronic gonorrhea can cause sexual dysfunction, formation of frigidity in women, infertility. Gonorrhea is an adverse effect on the course and outcome of pregnancy. Women with gonorrhea are more likely recorded threatening and full of miscarriages, premature births, obstetrical complications, infection during birth of the child with gonorrhea of eyes (ophthalmia) or gonorrhea of the lower urinary tract (only girls).

Gonorrhoea in children

Gonorrhea among girls is most common in the age of 2-8 years. Infected children, usually through toiletries and household goods, and in three quarters of cases the source of infection is the mother, at least - the next of kin and staff childcare. Due to age-related anatomical and physiological characteristics in girls younger gonococci cause inflammation of the vulva, vagina, urethra. The internal sex organs are affected very rarely. In cases of girls marked redness and swelling of the labia majora, vestibule and perineum, copious purulent discharge from the vagina, they worried about burning and itching of the vulva, pain when urinating.

Moved in childhood gonorrhea can affect health in later girls, women, menstrual and fertility of its functions, be a cause of infertility. Parents need to remember and teach children the rules of personal hygiene. To eliminate the possibility of contamination girls from child care workers, the latter carefully examined for employment in the future a regular basis every 3 months.

Treatment of gonorrhea

Treatment for gonorrhea performed at the hospital mainly antibiotics of the penicillin group, at least - sulphonamide. Moved gonorrhea does not generate resistance to new infection. Repeat gonorrhea infection is more severe, with many complications. Acute gonorrhea in a timely and proper treatment can be cured in a few days. If you violate the terms of treatment or lack of effectiveness of the disease becomes chronic, the treatment time is significantly longer. During treatment, the patient should avoid drinking beer, alcohol, spicy and salty foods. It is not recommended to ride a bike, ski, skate, lift weights, prohibited sexual intercourse. * After the treatment the patients are observed in kozhvendispansere within 2 - 3 months. Under favorable results the patient was withdrawn from the account after the expiry of the control observations.

Prevention of gonorrhea

Based on early detection and treatment of all patients. Serve this purpose and mandatory periodic preventive medical examinations of employees of a number of professions. Screening for gonorrhea are also all women seeking to terminate pregnancy, pregnant in the first and second half of pregnancy, as well as patients with trichomoniasis. Children who become ill with gonorrhea, can re-visit the child care only after their removal from the register. Personal prevention of gonorrhea is based on abstinence from casual sex, use condoms.

Men are for personal prevention is recommended after an accidental intercourse immediately urinate, wash with soap penis and immediately turn on the personal point of prevention, is available at every venereal dispensary and working around the clock. Women are encouraged to enter before sexual intercourse in the vagina gauze soaked in a solution of mercuric chloride (1 3000) and protargol (1100), the threshold of the vagina and urethra is lubricated with petroleum jelly. Immediately after intercourse to remove the tampon, pee, wash the genitals with soap, prosprintsevatsya solution of potassium permanganate (1 5000), and then apply to the point of personal prevention.

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