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External radiation exposure

External radiation exposure

External application of radiation to the affected tissue - it is the most commonly used method of radiation therapy. Using this method, used a special device - a linear accelerator of charged particles. It generates a beam of radiation which is directed to a particular area of the body. This treatment is an outpatient basis, which means you'll have to come every day for exposure to radiation 5 days a week. The course lasts five to seven weeks, depending on the situation.

Sometimes this exposure can be carried out in smaller doses twice a day - the so-called hyper fractional radiotherapy. Although this type of radiation therapy and is associated with more pronounced side effects, the long-term effects of these are much smaller.

Before the procedure, radiation therapy is usually on the skin in the area where you want to irradiation, applied marker points to indicate the direction of the beam. These marks are preserved throughout the course of radiotherapy.

It is recommended to wear comfortable, loose clothing during the course of radiotherapy. This is due to the fact that radiation can cause skin irritation, and tight clothing rubs against the skin, increasing discomfort and discomfort.

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