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Diagnosis of inflammatory breast cancer

Diagnosis of inflammatory breast cancer

Diagnosis of inflammatory breast cancer is difficult. The first is, of course, due to the fact that this form of cancer is very similar to conventional inflammatory breast - mastitis. Often in inflammatory cancer is not observed any tumors.

In addition, on a mammogram can not detect any abnormalities.

Therefore, the most appropriate method for diagnosis of inflammatory cancer if a physician has a suspicion that - a biopsy. This method can detect cancerous changes in cells. If the biopsy confirmed the diagnosis of inflammatory breast cancer, the next stage of diagnosis - to find out the stage of cancer, that is, how the cancer had time to develop.

Often, women with inflammatory breast cancer are coming to the doctor is in the later stages. In order to determine the stage and extent of this form of cancer, carried out such research methods as:
  • chest radiography,
  • computed tomography,
  • MRI,

radioisotope scan (scintigraphy) of bone tissue.

The purpose of these methods - detect the presence of metastases

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