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Deep vein thrombosis in varicose veins

Deep vein thrombosis in varicose veins

As a very serious complication of varicose veins may be a deep vein thrombosis of lower extremities, which develops as a result of their education in the lumen of a blood clot.

Status of thrombosis depends on the location and size of varicose veins. If complete blockage of the vessel no symptoms may be absent altogether. By itself, a deep thrombosis in death does not, can not be said of pulmonary embolism, caused by the gap can be formed clot from the vessel wall. If the clot is large enough to cause a disturbance of blood outflow, inevitably there are hemodynamic disturbances. Then the observed swelling of the limbs and the associated feeling of fullness.

Soft tissue swelling may be so large that the affected leg is in the amount of two times more than the other. Skin become cyanotic, and sometimes a reddish tint. Due to stagnation of blood below the level of finding a thrombus noted feeling the heat. Any movement causes a sharp pain, especially pronounced during walking and bending limbs. When the problem affects the major venous occlusion is substantial, and large stems, blood flow to the extremities can almost completely stop and trigger the development of venous gangrene, the so-called "blue flegmazii."

The main method of diagnosis of deep phlebothrombosis is angioscanning ultrasound with color flow mapping. This is an easy, informative and safe method by which defines where the blood clot, its form, structure, size and extent, and assess the state of valvular veins and the severity of hemodynamic disturbances. Continue to seek and to phlebography, but because of its invasiveness, this happens less and less.

As an additional method of investigation are currently undertaking a determination in blood levels of D-dimer - a universal marker of thrombus formed during the destruction of a blood clot under the influence of fibrinolysis. However, this figure should be used selectively, because it is possible to identify with any injury, and during normal hematoma.

Deep vein thrombosis is rarely completely unnoticed. In two thirds of patients within a year there is a failure with valvular reverse flow of blood from deep veins to the surface, which leads to increased steadily the past. Do not forget about the possibility of postthrombophlebitic syndrome, accompanied by the appearance of pain in the limbs and trophic disorders, including the formation of chronic venous ulcers.

Varicose veins - this is a serious disease that requires attentive attitude.

Early diagnosis phlebothrombosis and treated early - a pledge of faster recovery and improved quality of life. When a specific complaint, the first thing to do - to see a specialist who will decide the question of what tactics and preparations are shown in the case. The conservative approach is to conduct antiplatelet and anticoagulant therapy. If it is contraindicated (eg, traumatic brain injuries, hemorrhagic stroke), the only alternative is implantation of vena cava filters in the inferior vena cava.

At the first sign indicating the origin of the pathological process in the body should seek qualified medical care and to implement the recommendations and prescription.

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