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Asthma and pregnancy

Bronchial asthma - one of the most common lung diseases in pregnant women. During pregnancy, there are all forms and stages of asthma.

Asthma usually begins before pregnancy, but it may first appear, and during it.

For those pregnant women whose asthma attacks were not observed prior to pregnancy, asthma attacks may occur in early pregnancy and in the second half. Asthma, which arose early in pregnancy, like the early toxicosis, may disappear by the end of its first half. In these cases, the prognosis for the mother and the fetus is usually quite favorable.

Asthma, which began before pregnancy, while it may occur in different ways. With the development of pregnancy in women with asthma occurring pathological changes in the immune system that have a negative impact on both the disease and during pregnancy.

Asthma is usually worse in I trimester of pregnancy. In the second half of her disease is milder. If the deterioration or improvement occurred during a previous pregnancy, it can be expected in future.

In patients with asthma are more likely than healthy women who developed early toxicosis (37%), the threat of termination of pregnancy (26%), violations of labor (19%), fast and swift delivery, resulting in a high birth injuries ( 23%) may be born premature and underweight children. In pregnant women with severe asthma have a high percentage of spontaneous abortions, premature births and caesarean sections. Cases of fetal death before and during labor observed only in severe disease and inadequate treatment of asthmatic conditions.

Patients with bronchial asthma at term pregnancy usually give birth vaginally, as attacks of breathlessness during childbirth is not difficult to prevent. Frequent attacks of breathlessness and asthmatic conditions observed during pregnancy, the ineffectiveness of the treatment are an indication for early delivery at 37-38 weeks of pregnancy.

Asthma attacks during labor are rare, especially in prophylactic use in this period of glucocorticoid medication (prednisone, hydrocortisone) or bronchodilators (aminophylline, ephedrine).

After birth, the bronchial asthma improved in 25% of women (it is the patients with mild disease). In 50% of women state does not change, 25% - worse, they have to constantly take prednisone, and the dose must be increased.

Mother's illness may affect the health of the child. In 5% of children developing asthma in the first year, 58% - in the coming years. Babies first year of life often have upper respiratory tract disease.

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